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Meet our partners who made WeClean possible:

In 2014, it caught the attention of a team of engineers in Korea that they were not at all alone in wanting to keep their hands off the who-knows-how-dirty handrail while riding an escalator or a moving walkway. Official figures from Korea Consumer Agency showed that 70% of passengers were not in the habit of holding the handrail while riding an escalator citing germ-ridden handrails as a main reason.


It was reported that escalator accidents and injuries were rising as a result, prompting citywide campaigns with government officials wiping escalator handrails with a washcloth on camera to raise awareness about escalator hygiene and safety. But is that towel even clean? When is the next time they will wipe it? That cannot be our 21st century answer to public hygiene!


The engineers then put their creative minds to work. 18 months, 50+ prototypes and 8 patents later, they had invented WeClean N100L, the world’s first escalator handrail cleaning machine to kill 99.99% of germs on escalator handrails.