Control and keep an eye on WeClean's progress in real time from anywhere

Connected APP

7" LCD Monitor

800 x 480 high resolution screen provides a unique opportunity to reach target audience

Fits All Escalators

Adjustable feature allows for use with varying heights and designs of escalators

Self-charging battery generates electricity from motion of the escalator handrail

No Electricity Needed

Triple cleaning system. 3X more thorough.

WeClean removes dirt and bacteria in 3 ultimate ways

Model: WECLEAN-S200L




WeClean.C1 -

an eco-friendly natural

disinfectant to kill 99.99%

of germs on the handrail

Philips UV lamp to get rid of remaining bacteria and ensure the handrail is completely dry

Three-tier lint-free

roller to wipe off any dirt, dust and disinfectant residue