Picture those hands on the handrail of the escalators before you.

What do you think they left behind?

* Source: CNN, CBS News, DrEd. UK

Most authorities recommend that you hold the handrail while riding an escalator for your safety to prevent dangerous slips and falls. Yet even lightly trailing your hand along the handrail can mean exposing yourself to a surprising quantity of bacteria and diseases.


One study of most germ-ridden surfaces in the London Underground revealed that the escalator handrails harbored up to a shocking 17 times more germs than average toilet handles. 

Studies have found food, urine, mucus, faecal matter, blood, E. coli, cold and flu viruses etc. on escalator handrails.*


More Bacteria

Than Toilet Handles

800 CFU

Escalator Handrail

These bacteria levels are measured by counting the colony-forming units (CFU) in every 10 cm².

Our patented technology keeps bacteria and viruses away from the escalator handrail in three combined ways that traditional manual cleaning methods cannot compare.



Bacteria levels decreased from an average of 273 CFU to 0 CFU (5 samples were collected from different locations in Seoul) 



3-tier lint-free wiping roller to be replaced 3 weeks after first installation of WeClean

From left: Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center, Hyundai Department Store Apgujeong, Seoul subway station.

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266 CFU

Toilet Seat

46 CFU

Toilet Handle